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Why You ought to Get the Liquid Porcelain Program Over

The liquid porcelain tile has been taking a great deal of proportion during the market, given that all people desires a shiny finish as well as the search much like the porcelain tile. Not to mention it facilitates and substantially cleansing and it is probable to cover stone floors and ceramics.
For these and other people that the support of liquid porcelain is becoming increasingly demanded when considering building and remodeling.

With that who wins is people that understand how to apply the process, which remarkable because it may well appear are still handful of.
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The course of 3D liquid porcelain is on line and presented by Epoxitec, the old course was presencial and so had only in São Paulo, but with all the growth of industry demand they've made a platform for all of Brazil to learn and apply within their cities .


The course performs like this:

• The program has 14 modules, with 31 classes;

• Epoxitec provides your certificate in the end on the program;

• Critical Care

• Types of Liquid Porcelain

• Application of Liquid Porcelanate

• Levels of application in numerous processes

• Materials Consumption Table

• Mixing of parts

• Relation of Suppliers of Components and Equipment

• Bonus one - Essential Ideas

• Bonus 2 - Effects


Why You should Consider the Liquid Porcelain Program Online

 An incredible Demand for Liquid Porcelain Applicators in Brazil and Lack of Manpower.

On account of the shortage of liquid porcelain tile applicators, the service is highly remunerated.

It's not needed to be from the building industry to execute the application of liquid porcelain. Any person can apply.

You are able to depart a response, or trackback from your personal website.

You may have entry on the classes at any time and area, just enter your login and password, which can be delivered immediately after the acquire of the course.


Precisely what is liquid porcelain tile?

Epoxy, also termed liquid porcelain tile, is actually a finishing way for flooring. A layer with the solution is applied to a floor previously stage, supplying facets of uniformity, impermeability and brightness. This flooring procedure was put to use just before, specifically in large companies and industries, due to some of its characteristics: strength, durability and ease of cleaning. Yet, now the liquid porcelain tile is additionally an incredible selection for residential true estate (even small apartments).

Since the liquid porcelain tile has a high-grade glossy physical appearance and no splicing, its finish is unquestionably uniform and with out any trace of finishes. The materials has acquired this identify because it's factors very just like the porcelain tile. Nevertheless it is manufactured from an epoxy resin.


The floor of liquid porcelain:

• No grout, splicing or cracking;

• It's decorative aspects, with drawings in 2D, 3D and large variations of prints;

• Its an incredible selection for industries, as well, because it really is an exceptionally resistant materials to bodyweight, chemical compounds and isn't going to scratch simply;

• It really is exceptionally very easy to clean, as its outstanding feature is homogeneity;

• Since it doesn't have splices or grouts, the floor of liquid porcelain tile doesn't have bacteria and fungi;

• It truly is simply applicable in other kinds of flooring, just like wood, ceramics, marble, among many others;

• It really is a materials of quick servicing and cleansing;

• Has terrific resistance;

Typical cost of application of liquid porcelain tile: varies from R $ 150,00 to R $ 200,00 per m², which includes labor.


The right way to put together the surface to obtain the liquid porcelain tile:

It is not important to break the floor and complete servicing on it prior to applying the liquid porcelain tile. Nevertheless, the surface of application should be clean of grease (of any form), loose pieces of objects, humidity, among other things that hinder the application.


Objects wanted for application:

Blade sticks (bubble wrap), nail shoes (nail sandals), rollers and particular holders (paint forks), mixing rods, toothed rotors, levelers, transport trolleys, toothed spatulas, lifting bases , pliers and protective gear.

Curso de porcelanato liquido 3d online

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